Embrace the Power of Creating a New Reality!

I was having a conversation with somebody I’d mentioned this quote to around a decade ago.

“Don’t fight the existing reality, create a new reality which makes the old one obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller

The person was somewhat irked at the time by the ‘Cheeky B**stard’ Quote when she was pouring her life and soul into her attempts to shift the prevailing paradigm.

But I’ve spoken to many people in the paradigm-shifting business who’ve experienced burnout from banging their heads against institutional walls.

Rebels and mavericks have to be masters of two worlds. They have to create the new 🌍 paradigm whilst not starving in the present world.

🔥 Burnout in the ‘Telling others to be sustainable’ business world is common! 💡

In our journey towards a sustainable, socially just and soul-satisfying future, we often find ourselves in a constant battle against the current reality.
We strive to convince those who have thrived in the existing paradigm to change their ways, to relinquish their wealth, success, and power. But this struggle can leave us exhausted and disheartened.

💪 It’s time to shift our approach! 🌱
Instead of trying to change the minds of the winners in this game, let us become real explorers, pioneers, and leaders.
It’s time to channel our energy into creating new pathways that make the old reality obsolete. Let’s build a brave new world where sustainability and prosperity go hand in hand, inspiring others to follow our lead.

✨ Forge your own path! ✨
Rather than solely focusing on convincing others, let’s focus on demonstrating the possibilities of a new reality. Let’s show the world what can be achieved when we align our actions with our sustainability values and carve out a pathway towards a brighter future.

🌟 Lead the way! 💡
By becoming the change we wish to see, we become catalysts for transformation. It’s time to embrace our role as innovators and trailblazers. Let’s pioneer sustainable solutions, champion ethical practices, and inspire others to join us in shaping a world where sustainability thrives.

🚀 Together towards a brave new world! 🌍
I invite all like-minded individuals who are passionate about being real humans not widgets in the capitalist system, to join together on this exciting journey. We collaborated our way to the top of the evolutionary tree.

Let’s unite as a community of change-makers, supporting and encouraging each other as we navigate uncharted territory. Together, we can create a new reality that renders the old one obsolete.

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AI as a Reflection of Our Inner Systems: Navigating the Challenges of the Future


In today’s rapidly evolving world, the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) cannot be overstated. AI has the potential to revolutionize industries, improve efficiency, and enhance our lives in countless ways. However, it is essential to recognize that AI is not a panacea for all our problems. Rather, it is a reflection of our inner world, reflecting the systems and values that govern our society. As the famous quote goes, “Our outer world is a merciless reflection of our inner world.” In this article, we will explore how AI can both amplify and exacerbate the challenges facing humanity unless we proactively address the issues of meaning, economics, inequality, ecology, and collaboration. Additionally, we will introduce the Stoic Pilgrim Leadership development, a new journey of exploration into leadership development that focuses on ethics, regenerative principles, and social justice issues rather than the mere management of the status quo.

The Collapse of Meaning:

In our relentless pursuit of technological progress, we risk losing sight of what truly matters. As AI continues to advance, it becomes crucial to infuse it with purpose and meaning. Without conscious efforts to align AI with human values and ethical principles, we risk amplifying the disconnect between our inner aspirations and the outer reality. Therefore, it is imperative that we take a proactive role in defining the values and goals that guide AI development. The Stoic Pilgrim Leadership Development training offers a unique approach by emphasizing the cultivation of ethical leadership, ensuring that AI aligns with our shared values and serves the greater good.

Economic Implications:

The advent of AI brings with it the promise of increased efficiency and productivity. However, without careful consideration, it can also exacerbate economic disparities. AI has the potential to automate jobs, leading to significant changes in the workforce and widening the wealth gap. It is essential to create inclusive economic systems that ensure the benefits of AI are distributed equitably, fostering a society that thrives on collaboration and opportunity. Stoic Pilgrim training recognizes the importance of economic equity, equipping leaders with the knowledge and skills to navigate these economic implications and champion fairness in the age of AI.

Inequality and Social Challenges:

AI’s impact on society is not limited to the economy. It also has the potential to magnify existing social inequalities. As AI algorithms learn from historical data, they can perpetuate biases and discriminatory practices. If we fail to address these issues, AI will only reinforce and deepen societal divisions. To harness the full potential of AI, we must prioritize fairness, diversity, and inclusion, ensuring that the technology works for the benefit of all. The Stoic Pilgrim training addresses these social challenges by fostering leaders who are mindful of the ethical and social implications of AI, empowering them to create inclusive and just environments.

Ecological and Environmental Considerations:

The ecological and environmental challenges facing humanity are among the most pressing issues of our time. AI can play a significant role in addressing these challenges, from optimizing energy consumption to analysing vast amounts of data for climate research. However, without a conscious effort to prioritize sustainability, AI could contribute to further environmental degradation. We must integrate ecological decision-making into AI development, encouraging innovations that not only optimize efficiency but also preserve our planet for future generations. Stoic Pilgrim training advocates for regenerative principles, training leaders to make ecological decisions that prioritize the health of our planet and promote sustainable practices alongside AI advancements.

The Power of Collaboration:

To navigate the complexities of an AI-driven future, collaboration is key. AI has the potential to connect people, organizations, and nations, enabling us to tackle global challenges collectively. By fostering cross-sector partnerships, knowledge sharing, and collaborative decision-making, we can harness the power of AI to address the urgent issues we face. Together, we can shape an AI-driven future that reflects our collective values and aspirations. The Stoic Pilgrim Journey highlights the significance of collaboration as a crucial aspect of effective leadership in the age of AI. It encourages leaders to build networks, forge alliances, and work together to find innovative solutions to complex problems. By promoting collaboration, this training equips leaders with the skills necessary to leverage the power of AI in service of a better world.


As AI becomes increasingly intertwined with our lives, it is essential to recognize its potential to reflect and amplify the challenges we currently face. By embracing creativity, infusing AI with meaning, and making ecological decisions, we can shape a future in which AI becomes a powerful tool for positive change. Moreover, the Stoic Pilgrim Leadership Development training introduces a transformative approach to leadership development that prioritizes ethics, regenerative principles, and social justice issues over the mere management of the status quo. By fostering leaders who are mindful of the ethical, economic, and social implications of AI, this training empowers them to navigate the challenges of the future with integrity and compassion.

To ensure that AI enhances rather than exacerbates existing problems, we must foster collaboration, prioritize equitable and sustainable practices, and actively shape AI’s development. By doing so, we can leverage the transformative power of AI to create a more inclusive, prosperous, and environmentally conscious world for all. Let us embrace the opportunities presented by AI while remaining steadfast in our commitment to ethical leadership and the pursuit of a better future. The time to act is now, as our choices today will determine the world we create for generations to come. Together, let us forge a path forward that harnesses the potential of AI as a force for positive change and a reflection of our shared values.

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STOP WASTING MONEY ON USELESS LEADERSHIP TRAINING: Why Immersion Training, Outdoor Learning, Eco-Coaching, and Adventure-Based Learning Experiences are More Effective

Leadership development training is a topic that has been widely discussed in the business world. While some organisations swear by it, others view it as a waste of time and money. The truth is that leadership development training can be ineffective and a waste of resources if it is not done correctly.

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, organisations need leaders who can adapt quickly to new situations and think creatively to solve problems.

However, traditional leadership development programs that rely on classroom lectures and theoretical concepts are often not effective in developing these skills.

At the same time, many managers in the public realm, are only interested in ticking a box as they have no intention of rocking the boat or risking their pensions.

Organisations in the business world will perish if they continue to invest in outmoded and inefficient leadership development methods offered by the major institutions that seem like a safe bet.

Just as species die if they don’t adapt, organisations will falter if they don’t stop

wasting money on ineffective leadership development. Instead, they should focus

on innovative approaches that promote real-world learning and development.

Our realisations and experience led us to developing the Stoic Pilgrim Leadership Programme.

This programme combines adventure-based learning experiences, community

self-learning, and eco-coaching to provide a unique and effective leadership

development experience that’s effective, impactful and focuses on behaviour

change not just the acquisition of knowledge and pointless qualifications.

Adventure-based learning experiences allow participants to step out of their comfort zones and engage in challenging activities that require them to think creatively and solve ambiguous and novel challenges.

By pushing themselves beyond their limits, participants learn to

overcome obstacles, build resilience, and develop leadership skills that can be

applied in the white-water conditions we’re floundering in.

Community self-learning is another critical component.

Lifelong support is available through The Stoic Pilgrim Leadership Fellowship.

Participants can collaborate and mentor others to develop their leadership skills in a supportive and dynamic environment. new ideas will be proffered and discussed as they emerge in this developing paradigm.

This approach helps participants to develop empathy, communication, and teamwork skills that are essential for effective leadership.

Finally, eco-coaching helps participants to develop a deeper understanding of the environment and the impact of their actions on the planet.

By integrating greater awareness, increased sense-making practices into their leadership, participants learn to be responsible leaders who are mindful of their impact on the world around them.

In conclusion, leadership development training can be a waste of resources if it

is not done correctly. Traditional approaches that rely on yearlong online and

classroom lectures and many theoretical concepts are largely ineffective in

developing the skills that leaders need to succeed in today’s business


The Stoic Pilgrim Leadership Programme offers a unique and innovative approach that combines adventure-based learning experiences, community learning, self-reflection, and eco-coaching to provide an effective and transformative leadership development experience.


Developing Social Systems to Prevent The Four Horses of the Apocalypse

Environment predicts behaviour and the challenge with trying to transform the world is that we’re still operating in a culture of ‘Dominance Hierarchy’.

As Anand Giridharadas notes in his book: ‘Winners Take All’ the elites begin to lead social change only to let their own bias for power and control, restrict any useful transformation.

The challenge with inequality and hierarchy is that it encourages the ‘Four Horses of the Apocalypse’ i.e. Psychopathology, Narcissism, Machiavellianism and Sadism.

We’ve seen no end of this in world leaders, yet we still wait for them to make the world a better place for us?

Make your organisations egalitarian, which requires a different leadership skill set than is usually taught and also the language changes too. From Employee to collaborator.

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The winners of this paradigm are not going to save the world.

They’ve no interest in doing so. they’re okay.

There’s little point trying to persuade them either, but what is crucial, is to not be duped into thinking, that they’re going to save the planet’s biosphere OR create social justice.

They just want to appease you long enough until they reach retirement age.

If you’re stuck in a goldfish bowl swimming around in a system of inequality, hierarchy, capitalism, tax avoidance, corprotocracy, corrupt politicians, then how is swimming in a different direction going to help?

You’ve got to look at the systems and challenge the system by building new pathways to a brave new world.

You’ve got to get out of the Goldfish bowl and swim in the uncharted oceans of possibility.

Not easy I know!

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The Power of Community in Nature with Freshwalks & Michael Di Paola

Rebels chatting….

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” – Coretta Scott King

What is Freshwalks?

In its simplest form Freshwalks is a community of people, primarily business owners and freelancers, who meet on regular basis to tackle peaks and traverse dales around the UK and Europe.

They’re an enthusiastic, inclusive and supportive group and a great example of what the human spirit is capable given the opportunity. The power of community should not be underestimated when it comes to helping you find business connections, expertise and boosting your wellbeing.

Michael Di Paola has always been a keen advocate of communities. Moreover, he realises that for a community to be successful, it must enrich the lives of its members and that Freshwalkers feel a shared sense of trust, connection and compassion for one another.

Just some of the benefits of taking your networking with clients and also your team and leadership learning outdoors includes:

Confidence to push against your limits as you climb hills and so building greater self-belief

Collective Wisdom – New ideas are generated on walks due to the conversations and neurotransmitters flooding your system

Being with the crowd allows you to be infected with their motivation, even if you’ve had a tough week

Mutual accountability- if you say you’re going on the group’s WhatsApp, you’ll feel a sense of responsibility for your comrades.

With the craziness of the world at the moment, it pays to not walk alone.

Listen to Michael’s journey here: https://youtu.be/5MBOK9U7tVs

The Power of Gratitude and an Indomitable Spirit in Leadership

In order to have the mental fortitude to take on big challenges, one has to be able to shift your mental and emotional state towards a more positive attitude, otherwise the task you face is perceived as overwhelming.

You’ll feel that the challenge is too big for what you can contribute. But although you’re one person, you’re part of a building tsunami of other stoic pilgrims awakening, realising that paradigms have to transform.

So, the next step is to be grateful for the moment you have, right now to make a positive difference. Be grateful that we still have a liveable planet, relationships and radical hope to maintain us.

When you feel truly grateful for what you have now, then you can go forward knowing that what you’re doing to create a brave new world…. Is worth the effort 😊

Better Business Summit

When change agents don’t speak out because they’re scared the system will reject them, then there are no pioneers, rebels or mavericks… Just managers and enablers of the status-quo.

Fortunately 👩🏻‍💻Hannah Cox FRSA FRGS kicked off the The Better Business Network Summit which brought together courageous collaborators on a mission to transform the paradigm we’re living in.

It was a privilege being asked to be on a panel on Day 2 and then be co-leading the Freshwalks around the hills of Edale.

The Great Outdoors is an excellent arena for meeting, talking, being inspired, getting into ‘flow’ states and building resilience. it’s important to challenge ourselves often.

The stoics call it voluntary challenge, an essential activity for change agents, because they face mighty challenges. Challenging the status-quo is not for the feint hearted. it was an honour to spend a day out in the hills with this plucky community:)

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Adventure Based Learning Experiences (ABLE)

ABLE is effective in helping organisations solve their most pressing people development challenges. ABLE enables a myriad of opportunities to effectively learn leadership, and team performance skills, which are impactful and memorable.

As they’re uniquely designed to fit an organisations needs, they not only provide a shared learning experience, they will highlight and change behaviours and attitudes quickly as well as build cohesion amongst a team.

Real change happens when leaders and teams work differently in some way.

Whilst the world, after several systemic shocks, is unquestionably more challenging the potential to harness commitment, collaboration and coherent decision-making under pressure, is profound.

The ability to adapt is no longer a ‘nice to have’. It has been elevated to an ‘essential to survive and thrive’ in the near and medium future.

Agile, Confident and Enterprising teams are at the heart of organisational life and their effectiveness strongly influences the success of the enterprise overall. Times are both challenging and for those with the correct mindset… exhilarating!

Secret Agent Missions & Training days will test and build each participants’ skills at strategising, prioritising, collaborating, communicating, thinking on their feet and; not over-thinking as they race against the clock to solve a mystery or rescue their kidnapped boss.

Give me a nudge if you’re intrigued.

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DEAD vs LIFE Leadership

Dr Kathy Allen made many excellent points when I spoke to her about her work at the intersection of leadership, system change and innovation.

One point was that old paradigms get really ‘loud’ before they fall. I noticed that in 2008 with the last bank crash. Paradigm winners get really greedy as they try to exploit as much as possible before the collapse, because they know they’re not going to be able to keep extracting so ruthlessly for much longer.

I’ve noticed it this time as well. Disaster capitalism loves war and now pandemics because again, the crony politicians and greedy corporates have ruthlessly exploited the situation. There would be no wars if there was no profit. More and more research is being uncovered to show that our earlier ancestors didn’t engage in war until hierarchy and exploitation became the main drivers of colonialism.

This leads to another well-made point by Kathy.

People are often coming up with ‘types’ of leadership such as adaptive, transactional and transformational.

Business owners and managers are often taught them on institutional leadership programmes.

These ‘types’ reflect people’s personalities and/or they described what was happening at a certain time and place in history.

You usually find that ‘great’ leaders emerged from society to overcome the challenge that society was facing i.e., they were the right person, with the right skills and attitude, at the right time and place.

When that time passes, we then find there is another type of leadership required and invented.

Kathy suggested a new way of describing leadership.

How about describing the outcomes of traditional leadership such as polluting, exploitative, cronyism or, as Kathy described, leadership that ‘makes places unliveable’.

At the end of the day, leadership is leading to our demise or it is liberating and life affirming.

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Fascinating talk here: https://youtu.be/8-9fX2uX9hY