Whether you’re a business owner facing complex people problems associated with an expanding team in a growing business or looking to fast track your team’s results; we can help. If you’re committed to evolving from owner of a lifestyle business to a leader of a peak performance operation, then our services will unlock more of your potential and improve your results.

To get you started, grab a copy of ‘From Mercenaries to Missionaries’ which will give you an insight into designing, developing and leading high performing teams in your organisation.

‘There is so much to absorb and put into action for both start-ups and established businesses, that it could replace all the other leadership books you’ve ever considered buying.’

The ‘M2M Leadership Programmes’ are a hearts & minds based approach to motivating and inspiring teams to lead themselves. It requires leaders getting to grips with the three fundamental and powerful principles of leadership namely; understanding people, life cycles and the process of discovery. You can experience these as an in-house programme or on one of our open ‘M2M Leadership Intensives’.

The Elite Team Concept is based on ideas and philosophies gleaned from service within elite Special Forces and experiences setting up and leading special project teams around the world to combat terrorism and narcotics smuggling. These lessons are transferable to business and combined with continued research into peak performance psychology and neuroscience, guides the work we do. 

Why not add some adventure training into the mix with out secret agent missions designed to work in any location:

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