Would you like to be able to design, develop and lead a highly engaged, self-managing team?

When teams work effectively together, more of the right ‘stuff’ gets done. Not only that, the team can handle more pressure, are confident in making decisions and can do this without sinking the ship.

The Super -Team Concept has always been turned to when nature or an organisation needs superior performance.

Whether it is the military Special Forces, Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works® or super organisms like ants, highly engaged teams are known for their pursuit of excellence, cohesive cultures, resilience and clarity of purpose whilst making life and work enjoyable. 

The great news is that your whole business can operate like this. Deeper connection, collaboration and performance is our evolutionary advantage that just requires tapping into. The good news is that operating like this is addictive and creates an elite magnetism which attracts people who want to work in an atmosphere of meaning and purpose.

The Super Team Programme, a series of high impact half day workshops that will raise the confidence, clarity and commitment of your team.

They’re especially good if you want to empower your community to become an ’employee owned’ organisation further down the line. 

Founders like to explore and create things, entrepreneurs like to drive new ideas into existence. When you’ve achieved your part in the hero’s journey, you’ll probably want to move on.

Building the right culture and Super-teams early on, makes this easier to achieve.

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