STOP WASTING MONEY ON USELESS LEADERSHIP TRAINING: Why Immersion Training, Outdoor Learning, Eco-Coaching, and Adventure-Based Learning Experiences are More Effective

Leadership development training is a topic that has been widely discussed in the business world. While some organisations swear by it, others view it as a waste of time and money. The truth is that leadership development training can be ineffective and a waste of resources if it is not done correctly.

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, organisations need leaders who can adapt quickly to new situations and think creatively to solve problems.

However, traditional leadership development programs that rely on classroom lectures and theoretical concepts are often not effective in developing these skills.

At the same time, many managers in the public realm, are only interested in ticking a box as they have no intention of rocking the boat or risking their pensions.

Organisations in the business world will perish if they continue to invest in outmoded and inefficient leadership development methods offered by the major institutions that seem like a safe bet.

Just as species die if they don’t adapt, organisations will falter if they don’t stop

wasting money on ineffective leadership development. Instead, they should focus

on innovative approaches that promote real-world learning and development.

Our realisations and experience led us to developing the Stoic Pilgrim Leadership Programme.

This programme combines adventure-based learning experiences, community

self-learning, and eco-coaching to provide a unique and effective leadership

development experience that’s effective, impactful and focuses on behaviour

change not just the acquisition of knowledge and pointless qualifications.

Adventure-based learning experiences allow participants to step out of their comfort zones and engage in challenging activities that require them to think creatively and solve ambiguous and novel challenges.

By pushing themselves beyond their limits, participants learn to

overcome obstacles, build resilience, and develop leadership skills that can be

applied in the white-water conditions we’re floundering in.

Community self-learning is another critical component.

Lifelong support is available through The Stoic Pilgrim Leadership Fellowship.

Participants can collaborate and mentor others to develop their leadership skills in a supportive and dynamic environment. new ideas will be proffered and discussed as they emerge in this developing paradigm.

This approach helps participants to develop empathy, communication, and teamwork skills that are essential for effective leadership.

Finally, eco-coaching helps participants to develop a deeper understanding of the environment and the impact of their actions on the planet.

By integrating greater awareness, increased sense-making practices into their leadership, participants learn to be responsible leaders who are mindful of their impact on the world around them.

In conclusion, leadership development training can be a waste of resources if it

is not done correctly. Traditional approaches that rely on yearlong online and

classroom lectures and many theoretical concepts are largely ineffective in

developing the skills that leaders need to succeed in today’s business


The Stoic Pilgrim Leadership Programme offers a unique and innovative approach that combines adventure-based learning experiences, community learning, self-reflection, and eco-coaching to provide an effective and transformative leadership development experience.