Stoic Pilgrim: Adventure Based Learning Experiences

As Liz Hilton Segel, the Senior Partner at McKinsey, rightly pointed out, the world we live in is changing rapidly, and leader’s job is to build resilience as an organisational muscle, followed by having a courageous mindset towards change.

But why are resilience and courage so important?

Resilience is the ability to keep going in less than ideal circumstances and adversity, while courage is the willingness to face challenges with determination to succeed.

Together, these two qualities enable adaptability, which is the key to surviving and thriving in today’s transforming world and business environment.

To help organizations learn how to be resilient and adaptable in the face of change, challenge, and opportunity, Stoic Pilgrim trainings have been developed.

These trainings draw on the wisdom of Stoic philosophy, which teaches that resilience and adaptability come from within. By learning to cultivate inner strength and resilience, organisations can become more flexible, agile, and able to adapt to changing circumstances.

Through Adventure Based Learning Experiences which incorporate mindfulness practices, self-reflection, and the cultivation of inner resources like courage, compassion, and wisdom, organizations can build a culture of resilience and adaptability that will serve them well in the face of whatever challenges they may face.

So if you’re a leader looking to build a more resilient, adaptable organisation, consider incorporating Stoic Pilgrim trainings into your leadership development program. With the right mindset and tools, your organization can thrive in even the most challenging of times.

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