Introduction to Eco-Coaching on Zoom

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Eco-Coaching utilises ancient wisdom translated into modern insights, supported by practical tools. That’s how complexity is navigated, with simple rules and tools.

As Leonardo da Vinci espoused:

‘Simplicity is the greatest sophistication’

‘Creative collaboration’ is the opposite leadership style of ‘Compete & Control’

The industrial, technology and capitalist revolutions are based on ‘Compete and control’ and we’ve been stuck there for far too long.

Small groups of people are discovering pathways into a brave new world. A world which is sustainable, socially just and a soul-satisfying place to live and work in balance with each other and the natural world.

We need the rebels, mavericks and change agents who’re collaborating in small teams to be able to learn how to be make ecological decisions, be creatively brilliant and collaborate powerfully so they can sense and feel their way forward.

On the intro Zoom Call we will explore:

-A Human Evolutionary Perspective
-Our Operating Systems
-Who Are You?
-Why Present Models Don’t Work Effectively
-The 3 Principles of Eco-Leadership & Eco-Coaching
-The Three Core Skills
-Uses of the Mission Power Model
-Using Nature Metaphors
-From Duh! To AhHa! To Flow States!
-Explanation of using the Eco-Coaching model with clients, from a CEO

Learn what eco-coaching can do for your leadership, your coaching practice, your business or community, and the planet.

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