Mindset & Resilience Development for Mavericks, Rebels & Change Agents

Stoic describes a person who meets difficulties in life with patience and acceptance…

Our programmes, coaching and retreats are based on the philosophy that effective behavioural change involves meeting learners where they are and helping them develop some key skills and resilience for their own hero’s journey.

We design learning experiences which will help you and your team overcome rigid thinking, fear-based responses to challenge and powerlessness whilst building connections with other pioneers. 

Agents of change will need adaptability, confidence and resilience to challenge the status-quo and lead themselves and, by example others, into a better world for all life on earth.  A world which is a socially just, sustainable and spiritually satisfying place to live and work.  

Nobody has the complete answer, so we’re going to have to sense and feel our way forward, collaborate powerfully and be purpose focussed.  Moreover; agents of change haven’t usually got the time or resources to get ‘qualified ‘by archaic institutions, and nor do they need to. They’re in a hurry to get ‘stuff’ done.

Leadership is an emergent process which arises from groups in response to events, so everybody in a team must have the capacity for both leadership and collaboration as they traverse new landscapes. That requires learning some fundamental skills, adopting a proactive mindset and a sense of responsibility. 

Human instinct is to feel overwhelmed or hesitant as boundaries fall away. But challenge and change create new opportunities for those who are prepared to show up in fundamentally different ways. This means no longer simply reacting to stimulus but instead, challenging prior assumptions and adopting a new set of beliefs and attitudes that allow us to see the opportunities in the challenge. After all, we find diamonds in the dirt and gold in the grit.

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