PRIORITY: 2023 Will need some resilient and practical leadership and cohesive teamwork.

To manage these dynamic times of ambiguous and novel challenges, one has to develop the kind of resilient self-belief and agile mindset required of operators in the Special Forces.

People who been tempered by what the stoics call ‘voluntary challenge’. That is they go out there and challenge themselves in novel and ambiguous situations so they know that when the challenge comes a calling, they’re prepared.

Here are 7 more traits of operators:

Trait 1: They are self-aware. They are confident of their abilities and they know what can trigger them. They’ve stared into the abyss of their shadow, so understand how they will react under pressure and have developed tactics to overcome those situations.

Trait 2: They’re protagonists of their own life story. They don’t give their power away and remain co-dependent on an authoritarian figure to give them permission to act. Better to seek forgiveness than wait for permission. But they’re not reckless.

Trait 3: They’re mutually accountable to their buddy next to them. It’s easier to be your best self when somebody you value is relying on you to fulfil your part in the task at hand. They ecology-check their decisions.

Trait 4: They’re idealistic realists. They have a vision of the ideal future, but they’re smart enough to realise it’s going to take a lot of effort to make that vision come to reality. They love the challenge.

Trait 5: They’re courageously compassionate. They have the courage to step forward and take on problems to help others in their team so they can be share success collectively.

Trait 6 Moderation. They know not to over play their strengths. They maintain a sense of humour, humility and the unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

Trait 7:  They are levers of potential. They can lead when required and understand how to focus on the high-leverage activities to achieve the optimal outcome.

If you’d like to kick-start the new year with some training to get people united and excited, able to take on the challenges that the world seems intent on dishing out, then get your team to develop Stoic Pilgrim mindset:)

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