SMART Goals Enhanced

Often hear people talking about ‘SMART’ goals, 

Here’s my version which I designed because I found when I wrote a goal down, it was a sure fire way for me not to achieve them. 

In fact a lot of Personal Development tools are like this. 

If you set a goal, then if you don’t achieve it, then you’re not using enough positive mental attitude OR you’re not working hard enough which could be the answer to some situations but it can’t be the complete answer. 

What I’ve found with clients, is that whilst designing their lives, you never can predict the outcomes because planning a goal is not the same as actually living the goal. 

We write lists, but lists and goals are like maps and the maps are not reality. 

Life is a lot more complex and dynamic. 

So here’s some different questions which might bring some of the reality of complexity back into the designing stage. 

Even then you might not find yourself achieving the goal. Along with beliefs, have goals but hold them loosely is a great bit of advice.