Mission Power Your Remote and Face-to-Face Meetings

Save Time, Energy and Mental Health

Enjoy the Benefits of Highly Effective Meetings &

Lessen the Effects of Zoom Fatigue!

People are complex creatures.

Leaders, managers, facilitators and team coaches often have to overcome conflicting views within a group or team before they can make decisions. This could be due to personality, values, personal biases and intergenerational thinking. It means that wasted time, lost opportunities and friction can easily occur in meetings.

Other random statistics on meetings:

  • 91% people daydream in meetings, some even sleep! (think parliament)
  • Employees are scared to discuss complex issues which might lead to blame
  • Less than 5% of companies surveyed by Harvard Business Review have a process for getting the best out meetings
  • Neuroscience research has led to the insight that unproductive meetings deplete finite cognitive resources, leaving little energy for other work

These challenges are exacerbated when we use technology platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The use of online platforms for so many meetings is tiring for most of us and it brings with it some novel challenges:

  • ‘Zooming’ or ‘Teaming’ uses a lot of our calorific intake on thinking, so it leaves us feeling depleted.
  • We’re having to work harder to process non-verbal cues.
  • Like an actor on stage, we’re having to ‘emote’ more which is draining.
  • We’re more self-aware as we can see ourselves, making some of us feel more self-conscious and uncomfortable.
  • Having to split our attention in two places is tiring as members of our family walk past and intrude.
  • More time wasted because only one person can speak at a time and then there are awkward silences as people let others speak first, then all speak at once.

 Mission Power Meetings achieve many goals for you including boosting the team’s collective intelligence, teasing out the best ideas from even the quietest members of your team. Moreover; this methodology will increase cohesion, clarity and commitment and continued use of the tool will improve overall communication, confidence and efficiency when using online platforms and be less exhausting as less time needs to be spent online in meetings.  

This will lead to:

  • More time for work on tasks leading to greater productivity
  • Money saved and increased profits
  • More creativity
  • Increased engagement and greater alignment of the team
  • Better decision making
  • Increased confidence which can lead to self-managing teams
  • Less requirement for leaders to micro-manage
  • Builds enthusiasm and ownership in your business
  • Uncovers new revenue streams e.g. one client increased turnover by £100,000 in one 15-minute Mission Power Meeting

This methodology is ideal for business owners, leaders, managers, teams, facilitators and coaches. It is available as 1-2-1 training or as groups which can all be done online. Whats included:

  • A 45 minute online Mission Power Meetings methodology workshop
  • A 38 page PDF manual with explainer videos
  • Templates for Mission Power Meetings & feedback forms
  • A 45 minute 1-2-1 or team coaching session to practice
  • A digi-copy of ‘Mercenaries to Missionaries –Designing, Developing & Leading High Performing Teams in Your Growing Business’
  • Available for team training maximum of 8 people
  • Investment is £170.00 REDUCED TO -> £85.00+ VAT per person

When you are ready to use the best methodology to get the edge on meeting performance and lessen Zoom and Teaming fatigue in your people, contact us on the form below and we’ll contact you shortly: