Exploring Leadership, Teamwork & Resilience in Exhilarating Outdoor Settings.

The beauty of taking your leadership and team development into the great outdoors is the variety and uniqueness of every event.

With so much opportunity and diversity available, we can skilfully formulate just the right experience to unite teams, unlock potential and unleash creative thinking.

Want to learn how to performance coach each other?

Then we’ll set up and axe and knife throwing day, which will allow the team to learn new skills and also understand how performance coaching works.

Want your team to develop more initiative taking and confidence in novel and ambiguous situations?

Then we’ll organise a ‘Secret Agent Training Day’ for you and your team.

Want your team to be more robust, adaptable and determined?

We’ll organise a Stoic Pilgrim Walkshop, with lessons from stoicism and the Special Forces on how to build a more meaningful and enjoyable life. 

We can work anywhere as we co-design each unique project with you and our partners so we can create an inspiring event fairly near your back yard or anywhere in the world.

How we work : Once we’ve understood your requirements and objectives for your time together, we will co-create a day of learning and connecting outdoors.

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