Would you like an experienced guide to help you gain clarity, a sense of purpose and confidence in these uncertain times?

‘During lockdown Martin has been available to the whole team for wellbeing and individual coaching. Many of the team have reported life-changing discussions or moments of clarity having spoken with him…  Apart from all of the great things that Martin has brought to the business and to many of us individually, he is a thoroughly good bloke, and is a joy (and fun) to work with. ‘

Martin ‘Murph’ Murphy’s adventures began with escaping from a dysfunctional childhood, joining the military and being selected as a walk leader on an expedition to the Himalayas.

After exploring the foothills of Kangchenjunga, he was then taught how to survive in the jungles of Brunei by the Iban ‘hunter gatherer’ community and the SAS. This experience later led him to becoming a member of the Special Forces…”Just to see if I could!”.

After a few years setting up teams around the world to combat terrorism on airlines and security troubleshooting for wealthy corporates and individuals, he decided he wanted to evolve from being a rebel without a clue to become a rebel with a cause.

He gained an Environmental degree which introduced him to complexity, natural design, systems thinking & the need to transform our present paradigms.

Being an accidental polymath he then studied philosophy and psychology, partly to understand the effects of his childhood, but also to understand why people operate the way they do.

These days he helps people become effective and resilient leaders and team members.

He also seeks out and interviews people who are finding pathways into a brave new world on his ‘Rebels Chatting’ Podcast on YouTube

He’s the author of ‘From Mercenaries to Missionaries’ an aide-memoire to practical leadership and teamwork made simple, sustainable and socially just, for the complex times we face and… He’s recently qualified as a Mountain Leader and currently learning mindful bushcrafting skills to help people to connect with nature and build confidence and resilience on Stoic Pilgrim programmes.

As a coach:
“Martin listens, understands and analyses at an incredible speed… challenged me to really reflect and work to rediscover myself. Working with him has given me a real sense of purpose , clarity on what I want – and what I don’t! – I feel excited and optimistic for the future now and that is completely as a result of Martins amazing coaching.”
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The Association of Executive Coaches had this to say about Martin’s book:

“From Mercenaries to Missionaries is bursting with digestible content, boasts a wealth of top tips and is packed with wise observations and guidance for ways of improving an individual’s leadership style and people management prowess. If you are interested in leadership, looking to grow your business or want to develop the team around you, this should be top of your reading list.”Blank white book w/path

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