Would you like an experienced guide to help you gain clarity, a sense of purpose and confidence in these uncertain times?

‘During lockdown Martin has been available to the whole team for wellbeing and individual coaching. Many of the team have reported life-changing discussions or moments of clarity having spoken with him…  Apart from all of the great things that Martin has brought to the business and to many of us individually, he is a thoroughly good bloke, and is a joy (and fun) to work with. ‘

Martin ‘Murph’ Murphy is the author of From Mercenaries to Missionaries’. It’s an aide-memoire for purpose driven business owners that want to evolve into inspirational leaders of engaged teams on a mission to make their businesses a force for good in the world. 

After being a member of UK Special Forces, international trouble-shooter and security consultant, Murph gained a degree in Environmental Science which shifted his outlook.

He then spent years exploring systems thinking, complexity, peak performance psychology and working to help leaders and teams gain more clarity, confidence and success in their life and work.

He’s also developed unique methodologies around group decision-making which enables teams, groups & communities to engage in inclusive & creative conversations. 

Murph is on a mission to make effective leadership and teamwork common-place. In every corner of the world, at every level and in every sector. Why? 

Because the planet needs it, people need it and our future generations are relying on it.

Murph is a skilled facilitator, and often uses adventure and nature based learning experiences.  

By understanding ourselves, our relationships and the systems we operate in at a deeper level, we can unleash more of our potential and make a positive impact in the world.

The Association of Executive Coaches had this to say about Martin’s book:

“From Mercenaries to Missionaries is bursting with digestible content, boasts a wealth of top tips and is packed with wise observations and guidance for ways of improving an individual’s leadership style and people management prowess. If you are interested in leadership, looking to grow your business or want to develop the team around you, this should be top of your reading list.”Blank white book w/path

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