I deliver talks on a range of topics including  leadership development, developing ELITE teams, confidence, ‘flow’ states in work & life, resilience and peak performance. After some initial research into your situation, I’ll design a talk that is aligned with your audience’s needs.

Popular subjects:

  • The journey to inspirational leader~ This covers the five levels of leadership and the journey from leading a start-up to becoming an inspirational leader with an empowered team. The job of a leader is to make themselves redundant, not get stuck in the ego-trap which makes leaders less effective. Useful lessons for entrepreneurs, managers and leaders within organisations.
  • Know the one thing ~ From Sun Tzu to Einstein, many wise people have promoted the idea of knowing the one thing which can work in practically any situation. Keeping it sublimely simple (KISS), in today’s increasingly fast paced and disruptive world, is key to successful adaptation. Knowing a tool and philosophy that can help leaders navigate in uncertainty is a useful thing indeed.  The POWER™model is such a tool. A template for strategic planning, setting goals, holding conversations and meetings and coaching. “Who’s Got the POWER™?” is mind blowing in its effectiveness in handling complexity.
  • What the Special Air Service taught me about leadership & teamwork ~ As well has learning what it was like to operate in a high performance team, there are many lessons which can be learnt and transferred to leadership, work and life. As well as learning what works well, it is also useful to learn what goes wrong in such situations too.
  • The CORE of Peak Performance ~ Peak performance and ‘flow’ states can be modelled. So if one person can do a thing really well, with practise, others can also achieve some of the incredible benefits from modelling excellence.

In addition to being both entertained and inspired, your audience will leave with new perspectives on the way people operate optimally. Whether in the arena of sports, business or life, I can provide insights, tools and actionable steps towards a brighter and more empowered future.

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