Want to enhance yours and your teams ability to coach, mentor and facilitate individual and group meetings which are productive, engaging and inclusive?

An immersive and highly participative skills workshop designed to explore mentoring, coaching and facilitation competencies, key responsibilities and a host of tools and methods to give you confidence in boosting the performance of individuals and teams in a variety of situations.

Leveraging the potential within individuals and teams is an essential life and leadership skill for parents, trainers, leaders, managers, coaches and team members in self managing teams. You can utilise the Mission Power™ Model during a chat over coffee or in more organised 1-2-1 or group meetings.

In a world of technology advancement people no longer have to be widgetized and managed. People want their power and potential to be unleashed and their contribution to matter. It is becoming imperative that leaders of high performers receive training in these human skills if we are to unleash the purpose, power and potential of people in every corner and at every level of society.

In this one day workshop you will explore:

  • Differences between Training, Coaching, Mentoring & Facilitation
  • Integrating the four intelligences with the Mission Power™ Model
  • People’s learning preferences
  • The Learning Life Cycle
  • The Trust-Power Dynamic
  • How to engage quieter members of groups
  • How to empower teams members to make good decisions
  • The ways you can help people expand their personal development boundaries
  • Mastery, Self Awareness, Self Confidence, Discovery
  • Designing, Planning & Setting the scene for your sessions
  • Giving non-judgemental feedback

You will also be supplied with a manual and aide-memoirs to help you apply the tools post the workshop.

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