POWER Mastermind groups are for people who want to shift their personal development, their careers and their businesses to the next level and in less time. Moreover; people who are attracted to the idea of fast tracking their success, and therefore this opportunity, are already committed to transforming their situation. As such they’ve already gleaned valuable experience and insights which they’re only too happy to share with like minded people on a similar path.

Do you want to spend time with like minded people who are committed to your success too?

POWER Mastermind groups are designed environments which trigger peak performance flow states. This allows for deep listening, effective problem solving, affirmative communication, collaboration, creative thinking and the cross fertilisation of ideas, knowledge and tools.

There are ten essential ingredients which being part of a monthly POWER Mastermind group will give you access to:

  • Collective intelligence
  • Insights
  • Support
  • Accountability
  • Networks
  • Skills
  • Focus
  • Increased performance
  • Quicker & bigger results
  • The FAST learning approach to success

Plus with this opportunity comes the added bonus of a monthly POWER coaching call with me or enjoying a meeting over a coffee for a more in-depth, 1-2-1 session, should it be required. This can help you overcome barriers to success and help you design an action plan. As a member of a POWER Mastermind group, you will also gain preferential access to valuable learning events and seminars which I either co-create or host.

Other benefits include the fact that, as part of a close knit group of no-more than eight members, POWER groups are usually more than happy to promote each others skills, products and services to their social media and real world networks.

Members often become clients and customers of other members. Joint ventures are created and occasionally partnerships form.

POWER Mastermind groups represent a massive opportunity to do more, grow expansively and increase your skill-set.

The key to getting the most from any Mastermind group is by finding a group that matches your style. You can attend the first session to see if you are a right fit for the group. After that both the group and you can assess whether you are in fact suited to work together.

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