Business leaders and teams face unprecedented challenges that require a strong mental and emotional mindset. More than ever, leaders need to be the calm amidst the storm to enable them to thrive in the uncertainty of today’s business landscape and the rapid pace of change. We must be more adaptable and mentally agile, developing new skills to reflect the transformations appearing on the horizon.

Our programmes are practical and immersive learning experiences which highlight the pathway and tools for developing:

  • Tenacity to keep going in the face of hurdles and challenges
  • Resilience to get back up when projects have failed or not worked out as one had hoped
  • A growth mindset, to continually look for the learning within all experiences

This will:

  • Improve the capacity to tackle more ambitious goals & challenges
  • Promote mental health
  • Create more valuable, sustainable and resilient organisations
  • Increase connection, collaboration and contribution within teams
  • Enable individuals and teams to challenge the status-quo, be creative and communicate effectively
  • Develop effective, ethical and ecological decision making
  • Increase psychological safety and trust within the organisation
  • Enable cohesion, commitment and clarity

Leaders and teams will be stretched as they learn:

  • Why people’s abilities are malleable
  • How to increase emotional and social intelligence leading to better support
  • Why after peak performance ‘flow’ states, recovery is so important
  • The causes of mental health challenges
  • What creates a better environment for increasing mental, emotional & physical capital
  • Why leaders should aspire to be authentic and radically open
  • How a sense of purpose is beneficial to well-being and resilience
  • How a growth mindset can support positive development & smart business thinking
  • How to develop resilience plans for yourself and your teams

This learning can occur on a one day programme or as a retreat experience. We assess the needs and abilities of your people and your location and will then design the programme utilising the most effective methods and location.