Exploring Leadership & Teamwork in Exhilarating Outdoor Settings.
As a leader are you having to adapt at an alarming speed?
Would you like to shift your mindset and expand your thinking?

You know as a leader gaining different perspectives is essential. Being closed indoors can seriously limit your ability to see the opportunities within the obstacles and access solutions to your situation.

The beauty of taking your leadership and team development into the great outdoors is the variety and uniqueness of every event. With so much opportunity and diversity available, we can skilfully formulate just the right experience to unlock potential and unleash creative thinking.

We can work on water, on bikes, in the hills or a mixture of them all, including some inner-city activities. As we co-design each project with you and our partners, we can create an inspiring event fairly near your back yard or anywhere in the world.

Walkshops are here!

Safety First: The great outdoors is now considered a Covid-safe environment to work in but the latest Government guidelines are adhered to in our planning processes. Although the outdoors can be a challenging place, our coaches and guides are well versed and qualified in the outdoors and emergency first-aid. We will ascertain your needs and fitness standards and will be discrete with personal health information. Adequate kit will be available for those who don’t have what they need. Routes and itineraries can be adapted as the weather demands and is in fact a valuable lesson on adaptability and resilience.

What Happens on a Walkshop: Once we’ve understood your requirements and objectives for your time together, we will co-create a day of learning and connecting outdoors. The combination of exercise and outstanding scenery helps people enter a resourceful state which transcends normal hierarchical limitations about sharing ideas. In a world striving for greater equality, the outdoors is a great leveller as well as giving your team a much-needed wellbeing boost post-lockdown.

The landscapes inspire conversation facilitated with questions from your coach. The scenery shapes those interactions as paths make it easier for pairs of walkers to engage in intimate discussions. During the day groups naturally evolve and shapeshift which strengthens the informal networks. This a great way to reconnect after many months of lockdown separation.

There will be several stops and can include picnic or pub-lunches where groups can share ideas and valuable insights over a hillside ‘brew’. At walks end, there will be a plenary round-up of thoughts, leanings and conclusions.

 Our Team: Are made up of an eclectic mix of former professions and skillsets including Academics, Special Forces, Professional Services and Outdoors Leadership. All are seasoned and skilful coaches and facilitators.

 The Difference that Makes the Difference: As mentioned already, hierarchy diminishes on Walkshops so the usual office meeting dynamic in which seniors dominate the conversation, gives way to more egalitarian sharing and appreciation of reflections and experiences. Ideas flow more freely as people are more inclined to think ‘outside the box’ to arrive at fresh ideas and innovative insights.

Increases in creativity from walking have now been confirmed by a Stanford University study entitled: ‘Give Your Ideas Some Legs: The Positive Effect of Walking on Creative Thinking. Researchers Marily Oppezzo and Daniel L Schwartz found walking outside produced the most novel and highest quality of ideas in their test subjects.

Walking outdoors also triggers the release of a raft of resourceful neurotransmitters which have positive effects. For instance, the neurotransmitter Anandamide, originating from the Sanskrit word ‘Anande’ meaning bliss, connects disparate parts of the brain which increases creative thinking, lowers anxiety levels and increases emotional stability. A perfect tonic for the strange times you and your team are probably experiencing right now.

How Walkshops Help Personal Growth & Development: Walkshops are an unforgettable experience that will accelerate bonding between new team members who’ve been onboarded during lockdown. They’re a great way to reconnect, reenergise and re-imagine a positive future for your team.

Walkshops can be utilised as part of a wider programme of leadership development which includes Mission Planning Adventures, Retreats and longer Treks. Walkshops can be utilised to explore leadership, team development, resilience, confidence, creative thinking and shifting perspectives for strategic visioning of a brighter future.  

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