Our purpose: Unleashing purpose, passion and potential globally. 

Our mission: To instigate a leadership and teamwork evolution.

Our vision: A world where empowered individuals and communities collaborate powerfully and thrive sustainably.

Our ethos: Making modern leadership and powerful teamwork easy to learn and contagious.

Our wisdom: Inspirational leadership is ordinary people achieving extraordinary things in a constantly shifting world. Leading themselves and, by example, others into a better world for everyone. A world which is environmentally sustainable, socially just, and a personally fulfilling place to live and work.

Our Culture: We work in a collaborative way to co-design the work we deliver.

During the next few years there are going to be some dramatic and global shifts in the world but we’re faced with a leadership crisis.

The standard of leadership is so poor and this has led to some disastrous decisions being acted upon and continues leading to lessons being repeated because they’re not being learnt. To continue along that path is now not an option even though denial is the usual response.

It is time for people and communities to take their sense of responsibility and power back.

We believe that for a long time during the industrial age, people were encouraged to give away their personal power to institutions who had promised, as a part of a social contract, to do the right thing. If that ever did happen, it certainly doesn’t now. At some point most institutions have lost their way.

I believe leadership and teamwork must evolve. To spend too long clinging to an ‘old world’ ideology, to the wrong paradigm, in a constantly evolving world is paradigm inertia and leads to collapse.

We want to make effective leadership and teamwork commonplace. In every corner of the world, at every level and in every sector of our global society, because the planet needs it, people need it, and our future generations need it.

Good luck on your journey!