The world of work has dramatically shifted and it won’t be going ‘back’ anytime soon. Moreover; the COVID pandemic has led to seismic shifts in the way we communicate with each other and where. Are you ready to make team and client meetings a core competency in your organisation?

The Mission Power Facilitator course will help people facilitate in-person, online and hybrid meetings.  There are many benefits to developing effective meeting facilitation skills which include:

  • Unlocking the collective intelligence of a team
  • Enabling quieter members of the team to contribute
  • Boosting the creativity of the team
  • Allowing meetings to occur effectively across different time-zones
  • Overcoming bias in group & individual decision-making
  • Overcoming power politics in meetings
  • Increasing the cost effectiveness of meetings
  • Reducing the cognitive load of the team
  • Reducing time lost to ineffective meetings
  • Building an idea meritocracy within the organisation
  • Increasing engagement… And many more.
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