M2M Leadership Intensives are 1-day workshops for business owners and their up and coming leaders of the business.

It transforms Business owners, leaders and managers into coaches who can facilitate and leverage the full potential of their teams. This allows leaders to evolve into a more strategic role and be exponentially more productive.

M2M Leadership development is a hearts & minds approach to leadership involving a fusion of training, coaching and experiential learning.

It’s a 1-Day intensive aimed at Business Owners, Managers and members of your team who you believe will soon be stepping into a leadership role.

As the title implies, the workshop is designed to impart deep wisdom on the subject of inspirational leadership which will give business owners the ability to design, develop and lead high performing teams. During this course you’ll learn the three powerful and fundamental principles of leadership:

People, Life-cycles and Discovery

For leaders to be able to inspire, influence and integrate people into a high performing team, they must first understand their people.  We’ve all got a blend of four primary intelligence’s. You’ll learn how those intelligence’s influence everything people do. Then you’ll learn how to utilise that knowledge to be more effective and productive. The easiest way to understand others and the world around us is for leaders to focus on self awareness.

The world is operating through life cycles which is why we’ve evolved these blends of intelligence. Leaders must understand where they sit on their life-cycle so that they can adapt their behaviour to be most effective when making decisions. Decisions will be based on reality, not biased or habitual modes of thinking.

Every conversation, meeting, coaching or innovation session is a process of discovery. But without self-awareness, leaders and teams will continuously, find themselves wherever they look, wasting time and being less than effective.

Mostly decisions in business are done with the head (mind) and are rational. But people are complex and emotional creatures and so this is why discovery must also involve the body (heart) too. This is overcoming the mechanistic mindset that has prevailed since the industrial revolution. To learn more, download the prospectus:  PROSPECTUS

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