Learn an original model of eco-coaching from the founder of the eco-coaching academy, Martin Murphy.

This model and philosophy of coaching moves away from the industrial and linear thinking of most personal and leadership development. It is suitable for the transformational times we presently find ourselves in.

What is Eco-Coaching?

At the moment humanity is out of balance with its own eco-system. This is because we’ve been using ego-logical systems and ideologies at the expense of ecological ones.

The personal development field has been dominated by ‘What I think’ & ‘What I want’ over ‘What we think’ ‘What will the impacts be?’ & ‘What else could we do?’

We’ve built systems based on the mechanistic, linear and hierarchical ever since technological gave some bloke an advantage at the beginning of the agrarian revolution 13,000 years ago. If we want to survive and thrive going forward, we’ll need to see creative collaboration as a new form of leadership. 

Eco-Coaching redresses the balance by highlighting the eco-system you and I operate within and are an integral and interdependent part of. 

We’ll have to show up differently by:

  • Switching from decision-making to leading out potential.
  • Cultivating egalitarian relationships that are inclusive and generous.
  • Engaging ecology-checks with our emotional intelligence

There are online events, workshops/walkshops and retreats.