Ideal for leaders and people wanting to achieve remarkable results and is ideal as a team cohesion-building workshop.

This one day workshop is possible as an in-house event or attend one of the open workshops.

You will learn:

  • How to overcome resistance to growth and procrastination
  • Understand your strengths, values, beliefs and areas for improvement
  • Transform your inner world – understand how your life is unconsciously lived or consciously directed by understanding and designing your inner world with mindful self-awareness.
  • Inner coach yourself to success  by learning to re-frame,  redirect, and reconfigure your internal dialogue
  • Manage your emotional health by building a tenacious, resilient and growth mindset
  • Inspire yourself with purpose and motivate with a mission, understand what leads to a life of fulfilment and plan to do that for yourself going forward.
  • Seek wisdom and apply it, make learning and conscious practice part of your life
  • Express the changes you want to see in your life is the ability to set yourself up for successful change

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