Fancy 2 Days of Immersive Leadership & Personal Development Training
Want to Become the Best Leader you Can Be in 2021?


The age of Business 4.0 has arrived and the opportunities for society are limitless.  Organisations that are agile and innovative will thrive in the new era of digitisation. The transformation is massive because of three attributes, the speed, the depth and breadth of change and its systemic impact.

We are at the beginning of this new era and we require an evolutionary style of leadership to meet the future effectively. Leveraging the full potential of people and technology will enable leaders to confidently tackle four main challenges:

  • Talent acquisition and development. Leaders must attract talented people and keep them engaged and part of that is tapping into high-performer’s thirst for learning, knowledge sharing and skill acquisition.
  • Making work meaningful and engaging. By doing so leaders create elite magnetism, attracting talented people who’re looking for an opportunity to make a positive impact on the world. Leaders get ‘buy-in’ as opposed to having a purely transactional relationship with their people.
  • Leaders as pathfinders. Leaders and the teams will constantly be exploring the future. Being skilled in coaching and giving feedback, enables teams to handle complexity and learn their way into new opportunities. It means developing teams of leaders who choose to follow as opposed to followers who are too afraid to experiment or make a decision.
  • Creating a high-performance culture based on trust. Leaders must focus on their own personal development, be aware of their shadow and possess sophisticated interpersonal skills to develop trust that is the bedrock of high-performance teams.

On this retreat you will explore the methodology which will make this possible!

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