Learn How to Design, Develop and Lead High-Performance Teams

    • Course Format: 2 Day Leadership Retreat
    • When: 14th/15th October 2019
    • Where: Rudyard Lake, Leek
    • Price: The first 10 delegates to book will pay just £695 + VAT (Full Price: £995 + Vat)
    • Discounts are available for multiple bookings. Email info@eliteleadership.global for details.
    • Bed & Breakfast Accommodation is available for an additional £65 per person per night.


A performance business typically has five common traits:

  1. They deliver high profit-per-person, by leveraging more of the potential of a team and utilising the power of technology.
  2. They operate small dynamic and confident teams with high-energy cultures, delivering a big impact.
  3. An owner who no longer has to concern themselves with day to day operations because the team has embedded core skills.
  4. A team with clarity of mission, commitment to a common purpose and the creativity to solve their own challenges.
  5. Business becomes fun with the teams and leader pursuing a common mission and purpose whilst embodying the ecological values of the business.

Evolving into an authentic leader of a high-performance business creates more freedom to develop influence, ideas and explore new opportunities. Leaders can either sell the business or build their wealth over a period of time. They can harvest brilliant ideas that create other businesses that may earn more profit, with fewer people and over a shorter period of time.

The journey however from business owner to becoming an inspirational leader of a growing, high- performance business team is a path littered with trials, frustrations, barriers and stress, and many business owners never achieve it.

This interactive two-day leadership and personal development retreat is held at the beautiful Rudyard Lake centre in Leek and is aimed at business leaders, professionals and those recently promoted into leadership roles.

Join others on the same growth journey to share experiences, challenges and solutions, learn the personal leadership techniques you need to avoid becoming the bottleneck for growth,  and how to build a high-performance business using Martin’s ‘Elite Team’ methodology.

Retreat Agenda

Optimise your Leadership Potential

No matter what business you’re in, you’re in the people business first. If you want to grow your team and evolve into a performance business capable of high growth, then you’ll need to understand three powerful and fundamental principles of leadership:

People: You need to understand yourself and how to motivate, inspire and influence both clients and your growing team.

Lifecycles: You have to understand where you are in your business lifecycle so that you can adapt your leadership behaviour to suit the context, so you can be effective and agile.

Discovery: Make each conversation, coaching session and meeting more effective so you can leverage the full potential of your team’s purpose, passion, and potential.

Over the course of two energising days, you will explore:

  • Your own leadership style, strengths and how that impacts your decision making
  • The two biggest barriers to team success and how to overcome them
  • How to align the team with a Mission Power Compass so you can achieve a comprehensive advantage over your competition
  • The three core skills required to boost a team’s effectiveness
  • The structure & benefits of autonomous and collaborative teams and how to implement them in your business
  • How to drive high performance in your team through a combination of empowerment and trust
  • How to improve communications with coaching, feedback and having those difficult conversations
  • The importance of developing tenacity, resilience and a growth mindset to help you and your teams overcome the barriers to growth
  • The skills you’ll need to lead your teams in the Fourth Industrial Age and beyond

Join us for two days of immersive and in-depth training in stunning surroundings where you’ll be collaborating with other leaders on practical activities to solve real-world challenges. Spend your time out of the business, working on the business, learning new skills and leadership techniques. Download the pdf brochure to share with others and refer back to, here:- Brochure

On completion of the course, you’ll leave with an action-plan to hit the ground running and a complimentary copy of Martin’s book ‘From Mercenaries to Missionaries’.

The first 10 delegates to book will pay just £695 + VAT (Full Price: £995 + Vat). To book your place simply complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to confirm your booking and raise an invoice for the course fee.