Being a leader, manager or business owner can be exasperating and rewarding in equal measures. Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level?

Ambitious people are usually dealing with complex, multi-faceted problems which require a variety of tools and strategies. My role includes being your sounding board, adviser, taskmaster, therapist and motivational coach. I don’t believe in waiting for you to unearth a new strategy, when from experience I know one already. But I will encourage you to adapt and innovate on that strategy to make it your own.

Challenges, crisis and confusion increasingly leads to frustration and fatigue which can spread out into the home and negatively impact the workplace. Leaders have to contend with these symptoms whilst trying to achieve the seemingly impossible.

All top performers enlist the help of a support team. I’ve been supporting leaders in a variety of sectors in the UK and internationally for many years including:

  • Founders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Coaches
  • Government
  • Military

“Martin has really helped me to understand myself, what drives me, what I’m good at and why I behave the way I do. He gently guides me to make the decisions I’ve been fobbing off in my head and somehow gets me to the point where I can create an action plan and get on with it. Time spent with him has been invaluable and life changing!”   

The support is adaptive to the situation you’re in. It is available in-person, by telephone and online. If you’re committed to experiencing rapid progression in your development, then get in touch.
Online coaching packages are available as bundles of six (60-90 minute) sessions to be used over a 90-day period priced at £1500
For bundles of twelve (60-90 minute) face-to-face and/or online sessions over 12 months with unlimited email and telephone support it is £3000 (COVID Dependent)
Dip your toe in with an £100 introductory session using the form below: