Mission Power Coaching is a unique form of support developed by founder Martin Murphy and it does what is says on the tin. It enables and enhances your personal power to get ‘stuff’ done. George Bernard Shaw said:

“All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions.”

That’s what Coaching will enable you to do.

“We are what we believe we are. Working with Martin has reaffirmed my belief that we are faced with limitless possibility and the only limits are the ones that we place upon ourselves”       

Malcolm M.  Author & Social Entrepreneur 

Being a leader, manager or business owner can be exasperating and rewarding in equal measures. Most people try to progress without an effective process or the right kind of support. Challenges, crisis and confusion increasingly leads to frustration, fatigue and friction which can spread out into the home and workplace. We have to contend with these symptoms whilst trying to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Coaching is ideal for those ordinary people who wish to achieve something extraordinary. Those who wish to achieve their mission and in doing so, evolve into the inspirational leadership role. Read more here: Download

Coaching is great for professionals and adventurous souls who want to work smart and be rewarded with remarkable results.The only caveat is that you must be committed to the process of changing your behaviours and beliefs to match the level of success that you strive for. That can be challenging at times as we will be, if we think you’re deflecting yourself from a greater version of you.

“Martin has really helped me to understand myself, what drives me, what I’m good at and why I behave the way I do. He gently guides me to make the decisions I’ve been fobbing off in my head and somehow gets me to the point where I can create an action plan and get on with it. Time spent with him has been invaluable and life changing!”   

Anita McErlean, Director

Coaching is adaptive to the situation you’re in. It is available in-person, by telephone and online and often involving a combination of all means of communication.

Ambitious people are usually dealing with complex, multi-faceted problems which require a variety of tools and strategies. As your coach, our role includes being your sounding board, adviser, taskmaster, therapist and motivational coach. We don’t believe in waiting for you to unearth a new strategy, when from experience we know one already. But we will encourage you to adapt and innovate on that strategy to make it your own.

We’ve coached successful CEO’s, Authors, Founders, Soldiers, Intelligence agents, Life Coaches, Radio Presenters, Pro-Football Players, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Charity Directors, Executives, Therapists, Sales Managers, Teachers, Pro-Boxers and Horse Riders. So whatever background you’re from, we’ll be able to help you if, you’re ready to push yourself out of your comfort zones.

If you’d like to more about our methodology, check out this whitepaper on the future of coaching in the Fourth Revolution; click here: MODERN DAY LEADERSHIP COACHING 

The European Mentoring & Coaching Council asked Martin to write a blogpost on coaching elite teams. Read: HERE

We’ll help you unleash your courage and creativity but balance that with empathy and compassion for those around you. It’s important that an integrated and interdependent approach is utilised and that your support network promotes your transformation.

Due to the demanding nature of this style of high performance coaching, potential clients must be hungry for success and willing to commit to the coaching process for a minimum term of ninety days. During that time we will be totally committed to your success as you must be. You’ll have regular access to to your coach so that you have a high degree of accountability.

Mostly coaching clients come from referrals, but if you’re committed to experiencing rapid progression on your goals and are ready to break free from limiting beliefs and behaviours, then get in touch.

No two situations are the same so during a complimentary discovery consultation we will decide on the best path for you and determine if we can work together. Once we’ve had that conversation – and you can expect some breakthroughs on that call –  We’ll discuss the fees which are an investment reflective of what you can expect to gain and flexible terms of payment are available. We are confident that the money and time you invest will be more than returned to you as we’re helping you unleash your potential, leading to results and ideas that are life transforming.

“In the last 4 months I have:
– Put on my first event
– Built a solid team around me
– Have proper procedures & standards in place
– Taken a real holiday, my first proper one in 5 years
– Established what my ‘WHY’ is
– Created an elevator pitch I am proud to share
– Have 4 x the income I had over the Christmas period compared to last year
– Have secured 4 large global clients

Thank you Martin, would not have finished 2017 so strongly without your wisdom, support and butt-kicking.” Emma Hulton – The Art of Podcast

So are you ready to enjoy this complimentary consultation? 

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