Mission Power in team work is important is you want your team to be effective.

How do high performing teams operate so effectively?

It’s because they do the basics well but also because team members are able to make great decisions, be creatively brilliant and have the tools and training which enables them to collaborate powerfully.

Global consultants McKinsey & Co, believe 90 percent of investors think the quality of the management team is the single most important non-financial factor when evaluating an IPO.

Elite teams need investment in training and development.

What are some of the benefits to the organisation and their clients of instilling Mission Power into teams?

  • Elite teams excel at getting tasks completed in a timely manner
  • Team members enjoy clarity, cohesion and commitment to the mission
  • Psychological trust allows team members to challenge norms and improve performance
  • They are agile, creative and enterprising when solving client’s problems
  • Dynamic team members support each other and give feedback
  • Performance feedback is real time and reduces the need for time expensive performance reviews
  • Communication across the team and with clients is timely and effective
  • Reduced by-stander effect means team members feel responsible for the whole organisation
  • Team members feel satisfied and this reduces staff churn
  • Elite magnetism, attracts the top talent to your mission

Mission Power is a selection of team skills which enable effective and performance enhancing behaviours from the team. They will be more self aware and able to tap into performing enhancing flow states, which McKinsey & Co, also believes makes people five times more effective in the workplace.

They will be able to facilitate:

  • Meetings more effectively
  • Hold creativity & innovation sessions
  • Mission Power Coaching conversations
  • Effective feedback sessions
  • Power huddles to align the team to their objectives

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