Leadership in an ELITE team is a behaviour as opposed to a role. The job of an entrepreneur is to make themselves redundant, at least psychologically, because they’ve empowered the team to make their own decisions and in doing so the team have become a stand alone business asset.

Our ELITE Team Leadership programme examines how entrepreneurial companies grow, become more complex organisations attracting diverse people, which ultimately slows down the performance of the team’s ability to produce remarkable results.

You have to empower people. That’s the only way you make any permanent, effective change in the world

Modelling the ethos of the Special Forces and with experience setting up Special Projects teams around the world, combined with a decade of research into peak performance leadership, I developed the ‘Who’s Got the POWER?’ philosophy. By embedding this philosophy, supported by a set of simple but profound tools, I help leaders, managers and entrepreneurs evolve into the inspirational leadership position.

We can start with a one day ELITE Team Development event in-house, or you can stay tuned by connecting using the form below and we’ll let you know when we are holding one of our open workshops.

Martin has really powerful insights into what it takes to be an effective leader and how to build a high performing team. He clearly speaks from experience and is able to practicalise how to go about building genuinely world class teams.

Paul Barnes. Founder

If you then decide you want to embed an ELITE team culture in your organisation, there is a six month programme available, including coaching. Just pop in your details below to begin the journey to becoming an inspirational leader and developing an ELITE team to support your business success.