The M-POWER Profile™ entails looking under the hood of your organisation. Without knowing what’s unconsciously driving your organisation, you’ll drift off in unsuitable directions.

As psychologist Carl Jung succinctly put it:

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

To overcome this challenge I designed the M-POWER Profile™ programme.

The M-POWER Profile™ is concerned with creating and understanding your growing organisations comprehensive advantage. Striving for excellence across all areas of the organisation and not just in one behaviour, gives a more rounded and resilient culture.

A leader and team can develop their M-POWERSpace48 Abode Profile™ early on in the start-up phase so the whole team know the right direction to travel in, the standards to attain, the milestones to surpass and what’s important in the way the organisation does business.

The process involves establishing the mission, vision, purpose, wisdom, values, and strategy in a format that’s easy to understand and relate to. This enables individual members to make decisions and communicate the brand effectively. Alternatively you can re-inspire and engage your team by going through the process to clarify roles, responsibilities and aims.

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