ELITE teams strive for excellence. They’re liberated from a command and control culture and with it, organisational inertia. This allows ELITE teams to unleash more of their potential. They are inspired by a purpose which makes them inspiring to work with. ELITE magnetism attracts other top talent to the team’s mission. Team members are empowered with the tools and training to work as agile, creative and enterprising members of a cohesive team. They possess clarity of direction and get the right ‘stuff’ done.

Having experienced working in such high performance teams, (Read More Here) and having created and trained many such teams internationally, I can show you how to achieve the same within your organisation.

The ELITE Team Development programme is a in-house workshop which are great for bonding the team, increasing social and emotional intelligence, communication skills, problem solving, creativity, performance, confidence, developing coaching skills, decision making, team working and leadership skills. They can be one off events or a series of master classes which instigate and support the development of an ELITE Team culture within your business.

“Martin has run sessions on both a group and individual basis for our business. Every time we have used him we have all come away with individual ideas that have really made an impact on our confidence and in the way we all communicate with each other.”

Richard Gagahan, CEO – We Are Adam

The beauty of the tools I teach is that they are simple but profound and can be adapted to any situation your team find themselves in. You can focus on a key skill and engage the team on just one workshop or you might decide to incorporate more of the benefits of developing a team who become a stand alone asset, capable of allowing you to get on with strategic and high leverage activities.


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