“Martin has really powerful insights into what it takes to be an effective leader and how to build a high performing team. He clearly speaks from experience and is able to demonstrate how to go about building genuinely world class teams.”

Paul Barnes ~ Founder of MAP

With the present challenges would you like to help your team become more resilient, resourceful, and empowered?
Over a period of 90 days your team can undergo the Super-Team Programme which will do all of the above.
By undergoing a series of half day high-impact workshops which will develop more clarity, cohesion and commitment in your team?

The Programme Outline:

  1. Culture Check: We will interview your people and ascertain the level of commitment and uncover the mood within the team. This begins the process of empowering your team to make a difference.
  2. Team optimisation: This day uncovers people’s preferred mode of operating and will also highlight the strength of the team, what they need to be aware of moving forward and bring a sense of unity to the team.
  3. Super- Team Concept: The Super-Team concept is introduced and explores how the team can be designed to achieve the maximum level of performance.
  4. Develop a Mission Power Compass: Over the next couple of sessions the team design and co-create their Mission Power Compass. This tool enables the team to be able to influence the direction of the organisation. it also allows the business owner to work on the business as opposed to being in a co-dependent relationship to it. With a Mission Power Compass, the team will have a reference point for future decision making.  It also designs the culture, ethos and strategy that needs to be embodied moving forward.
  5. Mission-Power the Team: Now the team learns how to collaborate powerfully. First by learning the mission power tool set and then applying it to real world challenges. Mission Power enables team members to become intra-dependent, able to coach themselves, give feedback, make ecological decisions, hold innovation sessions, facilitate meetings and huddles.
  6. Embed the Learning: One to one and team coaching adds some accountability to ensure the new methodologies and tools are applied regularly, questions answered and any performance issues resolved.

Super- Teams are recognisable for:

  • Being engaged in the unrelenting pursuit of excellence
  • Liberated from a ‘Command & Control’ ethos
  • Being intra-dependent, so they are able to solve their own challenges and  operate autonomously
  • Possessing high levels of trust and the tools which help members to collaborate powerfully
  • Having an evolutionary approach, able to adapt to the shifting landscape

Whether on our one day workshops or during the Super – Team Development programme, we work with teams to master three core skills.

  1. Make great decisions which can influence the direction of the organisation.
  2. Be creatively brilliant. That is the skill that allows them to not only have creative ideas, but bring them to life so that the organisation can always be one step ahead of the competition.
  3. Able to collaborate powerfully,  able to challenge the status-quo by utilising and enhancing their diversity of personalities.
The investment is £5000 over a 90 day period. 

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