Martin Murphy – From Mercenaries to Missionaries Murphy explores the elite team concept and draws on the many lessons he learned as a former Special Forces soldier and troubleshooter. Putting his own experiences to good use, he makes a compelling presentation of his new methodology for designing and leading high-performing teams. Written primarily with business owners and senior leaders in mind, the book is must-read for those seeking to achieve great results in a new way that empowers both the boss and the workforce.
Dr Paul Thomas- Reinventing Leadership
Dr Paul Thomas – Reinventing Leadership  Revolutionary and progressive. Exactly what we need.  I first came across Dr. Paul Thomas’s work through his documentary “Ban the Boss.” I was completely blown away by his revolutionary view on leadership and management. Our current systems are no longer serving us and they are breaking down. In order to survive and rebuild, we need to operate from a completely new paradigm. I highly recommend this book along with his documentary “Ban the Boss!”