We have worked with Martin for several years and cannot recommend him highly enough.  He’s worked with our senior management team developing our leadership skills and also the whole business helping us shape working better as a collective and on an individual basis where we can become more purpose driven and results focussed.  His style is both warm and engaging, energetic and empowering and I can honestly say the whole business has bought into his approach and most importantly, we have seen the results of his training across the whole business.

Leon Mills – Founder and Director – We Are Adam

Whilst working with Martin, we’ve grown from 15 to 35 inspired people who are contributing massively to our growth and our place as a ‘key player’ in the industry.

Jon Woodall – Managing Director – Space 48 & Founder of Mage Titans Events

“We are what we believe we are. Working with Martin has reaffirmed my belief that we are faced with limitless possibility and the only limits are the ones that we place upon ourselves.”

Malcolm McClean, Social Entrepreneur & Author: “Bear Hunt – Earn your living by doing what you love!”

“Martin has really helped me to understand myself, what drives me, what I’m good at and why I behave the way I do. He gently guides me to make the decisions I’ve been fobbing off in my head and somehow gets me to the point where I can create an action plan and get on with it. Time spent with him has been invaluable and life changing!”

Anita McLearn, Customer Service Director, Carphone Warehouse

Speaking Aston Martin Event

“Martin has run sessions on both a group and individual basis for our business. Every time we have used him we have all come away with individual ideas that have really made an impact on our confidence and in the way we all communicate with each other.”

Richard Gagahan, CEO – We Are Adam

“I just took Martin’s ‘OPTIMISE your Life’ workshop here in California and it definitely boosted my confidence. I’d have to say it was awesome! You will go far and leave a wide wake. Thanks Martin!”

Faith Deeter, Family & Relationship Therapist and Author, USA

Workshop Fife

“A lovely productive day, very down- to- earth and practical. Will help any organization uncover the deeper meaning of their work and illuminate steps to fulfil their purpose.”

Jan Pendragon, Entrepreneur

“Inspiring, informative, makes you really think. Moreover; it really makes you want to change your life. Thank you!”

Anna Jones, Entrepreneur

“I really enjoyed the course and feel very motivated as a result. I feel this experience will have a life changing effect on me!”

Carolynne Johnson,  Entrepreneur

“The workshop was presented in a very down to earth style, combining excellent research with practical exercises. It will certainly help me develop my own project.”

Mike Pendragon, Network Marketing Blogger and Coach at The Networking Druid

“I was on the ‘OPTIMISE your Life’ workshop today and wanted to say that you have given me some great tools and ideas, specifically with anxiety I experienced whilst riding and secondly for a much wider range of uses in my work life. I thought this was really good.”

Heather Stoper, Equestrian, UK

“The coaching advice I got was helpful and I am actually looking forward to implementing what I learnt. I am not waiting until tomorrow: I am actually starting today, no need to put it off!”

Viktoria Harrysson, Photographer, Sweden

“I attended a workshop just before starting a new job in a field that had been very intimidating to me (sales). The results have been outstanding! I have fully embraced my personality type, used the visualization techniques given, and have found real confidence in this new job. I actually had a $26,000 sale in my first week! Thanks Martin”

John Janeck, Sales Professional, USA

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