Martin Murphy is an international coach, trainer, speaker and writer specialising on peak performance in leadership, teamwork and personal development. He has a rich reservoir of experiences to draw upon and a broad foundation of personal research and insights to share with clients.

Martin has really powerful insights into what it takes to be an effective leader and how to build a high performing team. He clearly speaks from experience and is able to practicalise how to go about building genuinely world class teams. 

Paul Barnes. Founder ~My Accountancy Place

A former Special Forces soldier and international security consultant, Martin has formed and trained teams worldwide to effectively combat terrorism and narcotics smuggling in the commercial sector. He’s also been a bodyguard to ‘A’-List celebrities. Then he took a change of direction, firstly by achieving a degree in Environmental Studies. He then spent many years studying and applying other modalities which capitalise on the research into teamwork, leadership and peak performance psychology. His programmes have been developed from years of study together with his unique experience of putting these tools into practise in the corporate, sporting and military intelligence worlds.

Martin developed the simple, but  profound ‘Who’s Got the POWER?’ philosophy and other leading edge tools including the OPTIMISE your Leadership and ELITE teams concept.

He’s a partner at Metris Leadership, co-founder of Platform Exo and the curator of TEDxHolyhead,

Martin believes that in today’s economic, environmental and social climate, it will be high performing individuals, working effectively together, who will be the vanguard into a brave new world. A world which is an environmentally sustaining, socially just and a personally fulfilling place to live and work.

Martin is a partner at Metris Leadership and the curator of TEDxHolyhead 

If you’d like to collaborate or connect with Martin; find him on LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter: @ELITELdrCoach

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