The shifting socio-economic and technological landscape has created a need for a new generation of leadership and teamwork requiring a shift in both perspective and practice. Elite Leadership Global was set up to signpost the way, gathering together pioneers who are blazing a trail with new approaches built upon an impressive pedigree of leadership experience within elite Special Forces, adventure training, law and corporate organisations. We’ve combined our experience with decades of research into peak performance leadership and teamwork.

We work in partner ship with the following world class organisations.

Based within the Staffordshire Moorlands part of Peak District National Park, just below the iconic Roaches; we have some of the best rock climbing and hiking venues the UK has to offer within walking distance of our centre. For us, climbing is more than a sport, its a way of life. It keeps you fit, strong and will take you to inspiring beautiful places. At The Peak Climbing School we will teach you more than just skills, we will teach you the climbing lifestyle. Whether you want to try it for the first time with no expectations, or one day dream of summiting Everest. We can start you on your journey and take you as near, or as far as you wish to go.

Baseload Group is a full-service risk management solutions company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida since 2014. They provide situational awareness, assessments for strategic and operational decision-making, reach-back capability for assistance and rapid response and expeditionary logistics. Their management is comprised of a cohesive team of business and military leaders with decades of experience in US and UK elite military organisations; the US Secret Service and organisations with risk management, medical assistance and crisis response experience.


Resilient Rider Training is operated by Emma M. Emma is a UKCC Level II Sports Performance Coach and BHS Professional Accredited Coach. Emma is also qualified as a resilience coach, NLP Practitioner and trained as a Dialectical Behaviour Therapist. Emma utilises her unique skills with horses and applies these lessons on our advanced programmes to highlight the benefits of resilience, advanced leadership skills, communication and psychological trust in relationships.