Would you like an experienced guide to help you gain clarity, a sense of purpose and confidence in these uncertain times?

‘During lockdown Martin has been available to the whole team for wellbeing and individual coaching. Many of the team have reported life-changing discussions or moments of clarity having spoken with him…  Apart from all of the great things that Martin has brought to the business and to many of us individually, he is a thoroughly good bloke, and is a joy (and fun) to work with. ‘

I’ve enjoyed a varied life which began with me running away from home to escape a dysfunctional family environment. Having a thirst for adventure and needing a bed and three square meals I joined the army.

I initially served in the Far East which led to many opportunities for adventure, including exploring and climbing in the Himalayas, training in New Zealand, Fiji and learning how to thrive in the jungles of Brunei where I trained with the Special Air Service.

This experience convinced me to later become a member of the UK Special Forces. I also realised I had a thirst for knowledge and wanted to explore new fields. I became an international trouble shooter in the airline industry. This role gave me plenty of experience of designing, developing and leading engaged, self-managing remote teams worldwide whose aim was to effectively combat terrorism and narcotic smuggling.

Then it was time to change tact once more. I began by gaining a BSc in Environmental Studies which made clear to me that reality is more complex than the the polarising and disempowering facade society and social media presents itself as. 

My purpose in life is to seek wisdom and share it.

Sometimes that’s meant putting myself in situations at the sharp end or immersing myself in new fields. I am the eternal white-belt and definitely a specialist generalist. I enjoy making connections across eclectic sources from neuroscience to NLP , evolutionary psychology to ecology, peak performance states including meditation, hypnotherapy and firewalking to philosophy and beyond.  

My journey is an inward exploration and external adventure as mastery of both worlds is key. I focus on leadership, team and personal development, by unleashing individual purpose, power and potential.

I take complex material and present it in a sublimely simple and accessible fashion, worldwide.

I’ve train members of the police, foreign intelligence officers and security teams who work in volatile and high-pressure environments. These days I focus on helping indivduals, executives and entrepreneurs evolve into effective leaders and workgroups into engaged and cohesive teams which I refer to as the ‘Elite Team Concept’.

It’s a methodology which helps teams and leaders make great decisions, be creatively brilliant and collaborate powerfully. I’ve packaged this valuable knowledge into a published book; ‘From Mercenaries to Missionaries – Designing, Developing and Leading High Performing Teams in your Growing Business’. 

The Association of Executive Coaches had this to say about Martin’s book:

“From Mercenaries to Missionaries is bursting with digestible content, boasts a wealth of top tips and is packed with wise observations and guidance for ways of improving an individual’s leadership style and people management prowess. If you are interested in leadership, looking to grow your business or want to develop the team around you, this should be top of your reading list.”Blank white book w/path

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