Martin Murphy is an author, speaker, advisor & catalyst for effective leadership, elite teams, peak performance and personal development.

He has enjoyed a varied career and life which began with him running away from home to join the army. Martin initially served in the Far East which led to many opportunities for adventure, including exploring and climbing in the Himalayas, training in New Zealand, Fiji and learning how to thrive in the jungles of Brunei where he trained with the Special Air Service.

This experience convinced him to later become a member of the elite UK Special Forces. After he had learnt all he could without becoming institutionalised, he then went on to become an international trouble shooter in the airline industry. This role gave him plenty of experience of designing, developing and leading high-performance autonomous teams worldwide whose aim was to effectively combat terrorism and narcotic smuggling.

His diverse career has also seen him train members of the police, foreign intelligence officers and security teams who work in volatile and high-pressure environments. These days he focusses his skills on helping entrepreneurs, business owners and managers evolve into effective leaders and workgroups into elite teams.

Martin has packaged all this valuable and easily transferable knowledge into a recently published book; ‘From Mercenaries to Missionaries – Designing, Developing and Leading High Performing Teams in your Growing Business’. which has regularly attracted 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Martin developed the simple, but  profound Mission PowerCompass and the Educe  methodology to peak performance and other leading edge tools which enable business owners to become inspirational leaders on a mission to build performance businesses . He recently wrote ‘From Mercenaries to Missionaries – Designing, Developing and Leading High Performing Teams in your Growing Business’. A guide to transform business owners into leaders of elite teams and businesses fit for the Fourth Industrial Age.

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“It is a concise practical guide to understanding yourself, how to adapt your leadership style to get the best out of different types of people within your organisation, and subsequently how to empower those individuals so that they can lead themselves and form elite teams.”

The Association of Executive Coaches had this to say about Martin’s book:

“From Mercenaries to Missionaries is bursting with digestible content, boasts a wealth of top tips and is packed with wise observations and guidance for ways of improving an individual’s leadership style and people management prowess. If you are interested in leadership, looking to grow your business or want to develop the team around you, this should be top of your reading list.”

Get in touch if you would like Martin to speak or facilitate workshops on the subjects of:

Leadership for the 2020’s

The Elite Team Concept; Building high performance autonomous teams in your growing business.  

Mission Powering your Team: Getting your team to lead themselves with increased commitment, clarity, collaboration and communication

The psychology driving business growth

Optimise your Performance in Life and Work

Effective Communication Skills in your Business

Mission Power™ Coaching and Facilitation Skills

Decision making skills

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome/Confidence/ Fear Control & Firewalking

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Martin believes that in today’s economic, environmental and social climate, it will be high performing individuals, working effectively together, who will be the vanguard into a brave new world. A world which is an environmentally sustaining, socially just and a personally fulfilling place to live and work.

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