John Shinnick

Early in John’s career he recognised that the human element in business decision making was a key interest and an area in which he would focus. To support this approach, he qualified as an NLP practitioner and as a Coach-Mentor bringing these skills to bear on strategic change and leadership in client organisations. He was a partner for twenty years in an international advisory practice and held managing partner roles within that organisation for twelve of those years. he often finds that he works best in situations where “it is impossible”, where “they don’t seem to understand” or “we introduce change but it doesn’t seem to stick”. When working with entrepreneurially minded people, whether it is within the private or public sector, John stimulates alternative and creative thinking and where requested, assist in the implementation, reorganising, changing and re-engineering phases of projects.

Catherine Brown

Catherine practised as a barrister for 14 years, building on her knowledge and understanding of people throughout that time.  Since leaving the bar she has worked globally as a trainer and coach, making it her mission to support, challenge and empower leaders, largely in the field of professional services.  As a coach, she deploys her forensic skills to delve beneath the surface and identify what is perhaps not being said, or any incongruity between what is being said and what has been done.  She has also distilled her vast experience from the courtroom and negotiations into a specialism in training and coaching around managing difficult conversations, helping people break through barriers which are stopping them asking for what they want, and those who are struggling to communicate effectively.


Tim Rawlinson

Tim spent 20 years as an Army Officer working around the globe with a range of multi-national organisations. Since leaving the military he has worked with people in government agencies, national companies, sports teams as well as small entrepreneurial start-ups. He is a coach, an expert in leadership and he is passionate about getting the very best from individuals and teams.



Stuart James Honick

Stu is our climbing expert. He has climbed some of the world’s biggest mountains and rock faces.  He has bouldered, sport climbed and traditionally climbed his way around the world. To Stu, ‘bigger is always better’, although there is no style of climbing he doesn’t enjoy. Stuart is a model of leadership excellence. Watching him prepare for a leadership and team development adventure day, is a lesson in supreme leadership in itself. He inspires client’s to believe in themselves and unlocks more their potential, in the face of new challenges.  He is the Founder of Peak Climbing School located in the Roaches.


Middle East Region

Mutaz Al- Husainat

Mutaz, a former Jordanian Army Lt Colonel, has a keen analytical mind and is fluent in English and French and guides our work in the Middle East region. Mutaz has a rich and diverse working experience including working as a battalion commander, a liaison officer on two UN missions, and a subject matter expert on a Military Battle Staff training project. As such Mutaz is ideally suited for delivering and facilitating learning experiences within larger government agencies and corporate organisations. His contribution is invaluable when we develop and train leaders from corporate, military and intelligence organisations in the Middle East.

Khaled Allawi

Khaled, an experienced senior analyst in the security services, is a skilful negotiator, experienced manager and advises on strategic planning, team leadership and team building. He is a strong media and communication specialist. He gained a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) focused in Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services from Ashland University. Khaled is an experienced operator, facilitator of learning experiences and a trusted adviser. His contribution to our work is invaluable in the Middle East region.