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Are you a founder, entrepreneur or manager who would you like to lead agile, confident and enterprising teams?

It is better to build a highly engaged culture early on in a business’s life cycle than trying to retro-fit the right culture later. No matter what business you think you’re in, you are in the people business first. Even with the mass adoption of technology into the workplace, it is imperative this is balanced with better leadership and team development.

The elite team concept has always been adopted by businesses and worldwide military throughout history when the strategy required committed, cohesive and confident action to succeed against great challenges.

The challenges we presently face is another opportunity to evolve and make the elite team concept the obvious pathway to building engaged and rewarding workplaces.

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Our flagship 90-day elite team development programme is a series of half day high-impact workshops which will develop more clarity, cohesion and commitment from within the team, plus it will enhance communication effectiveness. Learn more here: Elite Teams

Start your journey learning an evolutionary leadership skillset with a copy of ‘From Mercenaries to Missionaries’ which will give you an insight into designing, developing and leading high performing teams in your organisation.

‘this book gives a masterclass in why it is important to create alignment in today’s organisations. Murphy gets under the skin of current leadership thinking to convincingly share effective ways for businesses to navigate their way through the volatile, complex and fast changing world we live in.’ Association of Executive Coaches

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